What kind of women’s underwear is men’s favorite?

Although men have their preferences for women’s underwear, for most women what women wear is not as relevant, so did a portal study of

Push-up thongs and brasieres are men’s favorite women’s underwear. This was determined by a survey of more than 2700 men by the portal in alliance with the Huffington Post.

As for brasieres, 34 percent of men said push-ups are their favorites. A very close second place was held by the lace tops, with 30 percent. For its part, the sports brassier is the one that men like the least according to this survey, with 4%.

49 percent of men said they loved push-up brassieres, “even though they created an effect that wasn’t real.” 31 percent are indifferent, and 12 percent believe they are ‘false advertising’.
When it comes to panties, men’s favorites are thongs, with 38 percent. Secondly, there are the ‘cacheteros’, with 34 percent. Boxers were the ones who liked men the least, with 5 percent. Four percent of men preferred women not to wear any underwear.

The truth is that while men have certain preferences regarding underwear, for most it is not so relevant. Faced with the question “Would you consider rejecting a woman if her underwear is not to your liking?” 92 percent of men said no.

To the question ‘Why would you buy a woman’s underwear?’, 68 percent replied, ‘To make her feel sexy.’

In the words of one of the respondents, “If she is happy, I am happy. Women are wonderful. It’s all about letting them know they’re worshipped.”

So in conclusion: wear the kind of underwear you’re most satisfied with. I’m sure your partner won’t have a problem.

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