Tips you need to buy sexy and comfortable lingerie

If only Marie Antoinette had been asked what she thought about her personal and intimate arrangement, she would surely have claimed about French customs and her underwear requirements. Fortunately, today no one has reason to question you about it and you don’t have to wear large backgrounds, rigid verdugates (wood or metal hoop skirts) and narrow corsets. But if the occasion were given, you would have to find more than ever a viable way out so as not to lose the much sought after composure, sensuality and beauty, but also not to slit your comfort.

However, we must remember a bit of history to know that this midpoint between comfort and seduction has no reason to hide in the dark impossibility; that also don’t have to become antagonistic sacrifices. That today women are really fortunate to have endless options to combine beauty and well-being very to classic style without having to suffer for one or the other contingency.

In conclusion, today the dolphin of France would be very happy. She’d look fabulous and she wouldn’t have to carry 10-kilogram armatostes to show off her charms.

What advantages, now, can we show off then? How much is there to choose today to feel good and sexy? Here are a few clues…

Make sure the bra of your choice stays right in the middle of your back; if it’s higher or lower, you don’t have the right one.

If you drop your suspenders all the time it means you have to adjust them or that size is big for you.

If it leaves marks on your skin or something makes you uncomfortable, you need to correct the size.

The bra should always be fastened – as long as it doesn’t matter what your grandmother tells you or your tiredness – in the last hitch. The rest is for emergencies only.

If you are looking to increase the volume on the upper chest, then you should choose a balconette; if, on the other hand, you prefer to increase the middle part, your option is a plunge. The bralettes are setting aside, so watch your chances.

Remember that for the gym you need a sports bra.

If you have small breasts opt for a triangle bra, it will enhance your figure and make you feel very comfortable.

To check your correct size, put on your bra, raise your arms and turn your torso back and forth. If the bra is your size, magic, it won’t move.

Keep in mind that you need simple, hassle-free underwear for your diary. Although that doesn’t mean you’re going to walk around without any sensuality; then a few points relevant to this.

You need classic cotton panties, of course, but look for intense, solid colors that suggest passion by guiding you through the psychology of the cheapest color: red, purple and black.

Focus on what you want to express, how it best suits your personality. Even take into account your skin tone and tan; If you are brunette you will be perfectly seated white lace garments, with garter included or nude colors, if you are very white you can opt for ultraviolet tones or near the wine.

If you have a long, thin pair of legs, choose something you can brag about. If they’re short and a little bulging, buy some soft, full panties.

Do you have wide hips? High-waisted thongs are for you. Do you have any bellies? Sash-type panties are for you. Don’t you have a lot of curves? Choose a V cut. Have you worked your buttocks well in the gym? Buy some culottes.

Whatever your case, do it on seductive fabrics with details that invite lasciviousness.

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