Tips for taking care of your lingerie

To care for your lingerie we must wash and dry them differently. Since these parts are much more delicate and prone to damage easily.

If you want your favorite underwear to be in perfect condition and last a little longer, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Wash garments always by hand and with soaps or detergents specially designed for delicate garments.

In washing machine
If washing machine is used, the parts must be inserted into a washing bag.

No dryer
It is not advisable to use a dryer, as intense heat can damage the elasticity of the fabrics.

It is very important to always wash garments of the same color to prevent them from staining or changing tone.

Before putting the clothes in the washing machine, it is advisable to always fasten the fastener clasp to prevent them from hooking up with other garments and deforming the rings and contour.

Don’t squeeze
Avoid centrifuging and draining fasteners by hand. It is preferable to let them dry outdoors.

The use
As for the frequency of washes, it is recommended to do so every two or three layings, although it also depends on the particular circumstances

Adjust the bra straps after each wash so that they return to their correct size.

To prevent underwear from crushing and deforming inside the drawer, group all fasteners together and place them so that the cups are stacked on top of each other.

Warp it
When folding the bra, open it first and then insert one cup over another. Never wrinkle it. Tip: Preformed fasteners should be kept flat to prevent deformation

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