Tips before giving lingerie to your girlfriend

We know, men are much more visual than women and if anything may seem erotic to us it is that insinuation, that previous step that involves removing the lingerie that our partner wears.

We are fascinated by lingerie, its touch, its softness, the way it conforms to its body. But, many times, we don’t know if it will be in “bad taste” to be the one to choose it and give it away, or worse, when we already dare to go and buy it, we don’t know what the size is, or we face those looks of other women buying lingerie, and seeing how you are the only man in the store.

That’s why we decided to interview an expert, to give us five tips to become experts and enjoy even more that gift that we make, thinking of both. Gifts are always better shared.
Here are the best tips

1. Think from your perspective or perspective
Alejandra points out that it is important that, before you go to any store to choose lingerie, think from what perspective you will stop at the time you choose the products:

-Your perspective:
What would you like to see? What colors do you imagine it in? Can you imagine it more provocative or more discreet?

-Your perspective:
Which is what you use most often, the times you’ve taken your clothes off, see if you’re wearing boxers, cacheers, or thongs; or if she’s told you she’s more comfortable.
Once you have decided from what perspective you will buy the clothes you choose the following.

2. Choose the Color

What color do you want it to wear?

You can keep the traditional if you want to give her something she likes and you know what she’s going to use or break the scheme completely and suggest buying a color that you like very much and that she doesn’t normally wear it. The universal colors are : White, Red and Black. If you are looking for other colors you can search for the advisor and show her the skin tone of your girlfriend and she will help you choose the right garment.

3. The Size Dilemma

If you do not know if it is size CH, M or G, you can check their clothes or bring a photo for those who advise you calculate the size you use.

If we are not sure the cup number do not buy a bra with rods and cup, it is much more flattering to buy something that is more universal as lace. That they do not have seams and that they are with transparencies so that they work more like swimsuits. These can travel from size XS to XXL so you don’t have to be thinking exactly about the size of the cup and the size of your back that’s more complicated.

4. Accompany your purchase of an extra

In addition to buying lingerie accompany it with a perfume or giving away a complete pack of pleasure that includes a candle, massage oil and lingerie that they want to be used that night.

5. Fearless

Don’t be afraid, go into the different shops and ask what they would like for lingerie for your girlfriend. It is very important that you touch the cloth you are going to choose; to the touch it has to be soft.
Keep in mind that they have a cotton bridge, which goes in the lower part of the pubis, whose function is infections.
Now let’s get to work, we’re sure this will be a gift you’ll both enjoy.


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