Lingerie tips for wedding night: the sexiest game

The bride has to take care of every detail of her styling and of course she can’t forget the wedding night. Don’t lose your glamour! Proper lingerie, in addition to making them feel safe and comfortable, will add a special touch to that night.

Save some energy during the party, ask for help in delivering wedding memories so they don’t end up melted, remember that wedding night is one of the things that will give them more enthusiasm, it will be the first time they will spend it alone as husbands, spend a romantic moment as a couple and do not lose the glamour, both the exterior and the interior are just as important , just as they worked out choosing the dream wedding dress and spent hours in the beauty salon doing makeup and hairstyle tests for wedding take some time to choose the lingerie with which they feel comfortable and sensual at the same time.

The most seductive garments


It will serve to stylize the figure under the mermaid cut wedding dress, it is a comfortable and flirty garment. You’ll find them plain, lace or transparent or smooth fabrics. If you plan to wear it all day long make sure that it is comfortable and free of movement, that it is discreet and that it does not have too many elements that can affect the cut of your dress.

Baby doll

This garment is more flattering for narrow waists and flat abdomen. However, there are models that are longer with which you can feel safer and hide any imperfections that make you uncomfortable. Generally, they are transparent. According to your body type you can highlight or disguise each part with the decoration: bows, bows, lace and hello. They are one of the garments that evoke more sensuality. Choose light colors like white or nude for the day and black or red at night.


Add a touch of coquettishness to the bra you wear day by day. It is a little longer than traditional ones, which will improve your posture, in addition to the designs are more modern and sensual. Ideally, wear them with lace and dark colors for the wedding night. You will be on trend and surprise your partner.


Whether you use them to hold your stockings or not, they always manage to raise the temperature, as they add one more touch of sensuality to the outfit. You may not find them very functional, but dare to wear something different, remember that wedding night is lived only once. Choose this accessory in combination with the main garment so everything is coordinated.

According to tradition, you should wear a garter under your dress on the day of the ceremony. The groom will take it from you and lay it at the single guests in the same way you will with the natural bridal bouquet to find out who will be the next bachelorette to walk down the aisle.


As for this garment there are a wide variety of designs, colors and textures. In addition to being comfortable, it will prevent you from being marked through your clothes. For the wedding night you can combine it with a matching bralette, with lace and bows to give a subtle and sexy touch at the same time.


You can wear them in neutral shades such as nudes or whites to match the set. If you prefer a bolder and bolder touch, black stockings will be your best option. In addition to helping you contour your legs, they’ll add a touch of mysticism to your wedding night outfit.

Highlight your personality

Choose the garments according to your personality and style. If you’re more discreet and simple, there are options that aren’t that bold. You will prefer silk in light colors and pastel tones that will give you a sweet and delicate touch to spend romantic moments in an atmosphere that will evoke short thoughts of love.
However, if you and your partner do nothing but squander passion, reflect it on your outfit for that special moment. Transparency, lace and intense colors will add that quirky touch for an unforgettable wedding night. Take your time to buy outfits that highlight your style, natural beauty and make you feel safe, if you feel comfortable try something different that makes you feel special.

Choose carefully

You may not have considered the importance of lingerie in the list of tasks for wedding planning. However, it is as important as choosing the lace wedding dress that you were so carefully sought after. You will have to spend time searching for the outfit for your first night as husbands and outfits for the honeymoon.
Explore among the different types of fabrics and garments that exist. Preferably, choose complete sets, remember to combine colors, textures and decorations. Ask for help from experts, give yourself the time to try on what you love most and see how you feel. Try different sizes, it’s not the same to see it on the sideboard as having it on. Remember how many images of wedding dresses you queries before you had the right one.

Favor your figure

Once you’ve defined the style, fabrics and colors that reflect your personality, choose the most flattering garments. There are more discreet sets if you want to disguise some part of your body or, on the contrary, more revealing to highlight your best attributes. Remember that in this case less fabric does not mean more seduction, leave a little to the imagination to go from less to more and let your natural beauty be the protagonist.

Have you imagined the most romantic moments of wedding night and honeymoon? They’ll be much better with lingerie they feel most attractive to. Lose your sentence and get out of the routine, select the most flattering way to make you feel comfortable and safe. If the groom runs out of words when he sees you arrive at the altar in your princess cut wedding dress, he’ll go crazy with love on wedding night. Unlike the selection of wedding invitations, the choice of these intimate garments should be a task that they do not do as a couple, so you can surprise him and keep the spark on in his marriage.

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